How long will take for data *.zip ready online for us to download?

a quick question:
how long will take for the Sentinel-1 data be processed, uploaded and available for downloading after its First-line-time?
for example, I am waiting for a file starting time 20180914T2305… when do you think it will be available for download?
many thanks.

HI Paul,
probably it is better if you direct your question directly to the Open Access Hub (
There are also other services where you can download sentinel-1 data, like
There it might be faster or slower.

The Copernicus access hub is surely the one which has the newly acquired data the fastest. Other services (such as PEPS or ASF Vertex) usually get the data later.

@jpliu: You can compare the imaging date with the ingestion date in the metadata for your study area. The first is when the image was actually acquired and the second when it was made available on the portal.