How to add new field to Pin Manager Table

Good morning,
I am using SNAP toolbox v6.04 with all updates. I am using it to identify the NDVI pixels along an irrigation channel bank that are greater than 0.5. When I find them I put a Pin marker there and use the Pin Manager to export the data to a flat text file.
Can anyone suggest how I can add the NDVI pixel value at the pin location to the Pin Manager so that I have this data hand when working in the field.

Any suggestions will be appreciated

I can answer my own question!!! If the user chooses the Filter Icon in the Pin Manager it is possible to select ‘all’ information" which includes the NDVI value for the chosen pixel. Must be growing old!

It might be easier for you if you use a mask and export the mask.
You can define a new mask in the Mask Manager based on an expression e.g. NDVI >= 0.5.
Then you can use Export Mask pixels from the context menu of the scene view.
Maybe this is less click-work for you.