How to batch export LAC files to net-cdf format

Dear all,
I have hundreds of L2_LAC files and I want to export them to net-cdf format. I wonder if there is a batch operation?

  1. Create a graph XML with Read > Write (as NetCDF4-CF)
  2. Apply the graph XML in the batch processing tool

Here’s a short explanation on how it works:

I assume you used HDF5 output format as an example. To avoid confusion: NetCDF4-CF is available as an output format and is well supported by current 3rd party tools. At level-2 the grids are swath data so navigation in NetCDF4-CF uses the longitude and latitude bands (some GIS software may require projected grids).

thank you @gnwiii - you are completely right. I mixed up the abbreviations and have edited my post from above.

Dear ABruan,
Thank you very much for your suggestion and I have made it! :kissing_heart: The batch processing tool is really a great tool~
Thanks again!