How to calculate the anisotropy parameter for dual-polarization data

Does anyone know how to get more detailed information about “H/Alpha Dual Pol Decomposition”, especially the elated math formulas? The help file contains only about H/A/alpha full polarization decomposition.

thanks in advance.

Your best bet is this book:
Cloude, S. (1999) Polarisation: Applications in remote sensing. 2009; ISBN-10 : 0199569738,
ISBN-13 : 978-0199569731
By the way, it was also mentioned in the STEP blog. The 75_cloude.pdf includes all steps needed to program it yourself.

Have you found these mathematical formulas? I have the same problem, hope to get your help.
If you have information about “H / A / alpha decomposition of”
The data of covariance matrix [C2] "is better.
Thank you in advance.

Take a look at this:

But don’t expect too much from VVVH H-alpha decomposition.

thank you so much for your help