How to change the coordinate axes of the raster

I worked with S-1 product, exactly with elevation channel (after wrapping phase in shaphu). As it is known, initially, SNAP opens the radar product according to satellite orbit and the shooting options, that is why the image display is wrong. X and Y are changed. Then, all made channels should be saved as .tif format. After that I opened the raster in Qgis, where the projectiong doesn’t correspond to EPSG:4326, for example.
So, the question is which algorithm in the SNAP is able to convert the radar product in order to display it traditionlly?

Hi @Julia, did you try to reproject your product in SNAP before exporting to GeoTIFF and opening it in QGIS?

You need to perform Range Doppler Terrain Correction. It corrects the geometric distortions caused by topography and lets you chose an output coordinate system and output format (under write, simply select GeoTiff)

Yes, I have done it before exporting to GeoTIFF. But still have some problems with vector overlay(
Thank you a lot, any way.