How to Co- Register Sentinel 2 and Landsat 8 images?

Is there any way to Co-Register Sentinel and Landsat images both multispectral? I have tried using Arosics but was unsuccessful since I am a newbie in python. Thanks in Advance!

You can do this with the Collocation tool (Raster / Geometric Operations / Collocate).
You need to resample (Raster / Geometric Operations / Resampling) both, in order to get rid of the multi-resolution characteristics. Afterwards you can collocate them.
Alls this can also be done with a Python script or from the command line. But this goes to much into detail for now. Just try it first in SNAP Desktop and see if it gives you the result you expect.
You can also look around here in the forum. Then you will find example for Python and CLI usage.

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Thank you Sir! Will try it.