How to Collocate Landsat 8 Images

I am able to run ‘collocate’ with 2 Landsat 5 images and then open up any band(s) in the new collocate product just fine. I can also perform collocate on Landsat 8, however if i try to open up a band or run band maths through this I just get an error message. The message says “Failed to open image view. expression: undefined symbol ‘flags_M.designated_fill_M’.” Does anyone know what it might be that I’m doing wrong, or how to get around this?

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the point (.) in the flag name is causing an error in the band mask syntax. Is this flag part of your expression?
If so, you could try to rename this raster and save the product and try again.

If it is not caused by the last ‘.’ as Andreas already mentioned it could also happen because of this known bug:
[SNAP-662] Collocation creates wrong valid pixel expressions in certain cases

It is also mentioned here: