How to convert gamma naught to sigma naught after RTC?

I am using ALOS-2 data. After radiometric terrain correction, I have got Gamma naught image. After that, I just want to have the Sigma naught image from that Gamma naught image. Please help me. I have followed:

  1. Calibration: Beta naught
  2. Speckle filtering
  3. Radiometric terrain flattening
  4. Range Doppler terrain correction: Gamma naught
    After that, I want to get Sigma naught. How to get it?..
    I also want to know is my workflow correct or how can I improve it?

Why do you want to go back to Sigma0?

If you only need Sigma0, you select Sigma0 in the calibration step and skip the terrain flattening.

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Thank you for clarifying me.