How to deal with cloudy points?

Dear Sir,

I am working on Sentinel-3A data to visualise the variable LST. I found in some days when there is clouds covered, the LST values are negative upto negative (-) 20 deg C (Normally it is never below 15 deg C). I hope this is the temperature of the clouds. How to remove such cloudy points and assign right values before reprojection?


Hi Jitendra,

beside the LST you also have the uncertainty band. I had a quick look and high uncertainty value (>0.18) matched the low LST values pretty well. You can use it to mask out the values. In addition, you can evaluate the flag information which is given in the cloud_in band. Check the flags _cloud_in_gross_cloud, cloud_in_thin_cirrus, cloud_in_medium_high. With those you can mask your cloudy pixels too.