How to download i & q data from Sentinel 1

Can someone tell me how to download i & q data from Sentinel 1 SAR data?
When I open a product in the SNAP application, I see i and q data in the band category. I would like to down load and process that i and q data using my new SAR processing algorithms.
Also for each pixel or tile these I and Q values are attached, where do I get the range and azimuth information for each pixel/title.

I am new to the SNAP.

Thanks for your help


Hey Manohar,

You should be able to export your product as a GeoTIFF (File > Export > GeoTIFF) and then you will be able to work with the data in whatever tool you wish to use.

For azimuth and range, this will be available under abstracted metadata (Find under the product explorer metadata folder)

You can use Raster->Data Conversion->Band Select to save each band in single file