How to download multiple Sentinel products at a time

Dear all:
I am a newbie in the microwave field and I need to download sentinel-1A data for the soil moisture research. But the maximum concurrent download limit is 2 in the website and that means every few minutes I would check whether the download is finished and if so, I will add two new productes to the concurrent download. I have more than 1000 products to download ,so I want to know if there is any methods or plugins (except for using a scrip) to download the products without frequent check ?
thank you very much , any comment or discussion is welcome !

Have a look at the ASF Vertex portal:
They also provide S1 images and allow for bulk downloading as described here:

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thank you very much, I find that if you use fire fox as your browser and a efficient plugin names "Down Them All "could meet my need. anyway, thank you very much!
PS: if you could make this be known as many people as possible, I will be very appreciate for your kindness. because I really this is a very good way to download without any script. thanks in advance!