How to download only S1A images under sentinelsat via Command Line Interface?

According to the following tutorial:

I made a command line via Command Line Interface to download only S1A without including S1B using the sentinelsat application options but i have not managed to do it!

Here is my command line:

sentinelsat -u xxxxx -p xxxxx -g map.geojson -s 20190901 -e 20190930 ** --producttype GRD --sentinel 1 -q “satelliteplatform=S1A” ** --url “

Can you help me please

Thanks in advance

do you get an error message?

No just it does not take into consideration this filter, it always shows me the images of the two satellites A and B

according to the documentation, you have to add --download in your string as well to download all results

Yes when we add “-d” is to start the download. But the problem it downloads both stellites A and B even though I put the filter to download only S1A

how about --name S1A_IW*

Did you added up the filter, like this following,

products = api.query(footprint, date = (‘20190801’, ‘20190831’),
platformname = ‘Sentinel-1A’,

My command line is under “Command Line Interface” and not “python API”

Thank you ABraun. It’s a good idea but when I use this filter (–name S1A_IW*), it downloads from all existing images (since 2014) in the study area. In fact, it is overwriting the filter period!

oh, I see. I have found this elsewhere but I am not sure if it does what you want -s S1A*GRDH

But for “-s” means: Start date of the request in YYYYMMDD format.

I do not see how to integrate that into the command !!

yes, I wasn’t sure about this either, but I saw it a couple of times in the comments here: