How to download tiles automated


I’m looking for some way to automatically download the tiles captured by sentinel2

Manually they can be downloaded from here:

But I would like to do it automatically with a script that runs for each 10 days

I have tried with the following Olivier Hagolle script but it doesn’t work:

always download a file named “query_results.xml” what show errors

Example using “python --downloader aria2 --lat 43.6 --lon 1.44 -a apihub.txt -l L2A -s S2”

What can i do? Thanks!


You can use this Sentinel-2 downloader (url: You have the option to download your products from either SciHub or Amazon Web Services.
Some examples of usage can be found on the front page of the repository.


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Thanks so much Cosmin

I will try the link and investigate how to work.

Finally I solved it. The script run fine in linux, but in windows has problems.