How to export data from Snap

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Actually, i have done some process in particular band ( VV db) using band math. I got my result and now i want to export the same data to explore in ArcGIS. When i export that data and add in the ArcGIS than i got the different value. Please suggest me…your earlier response will be awaited.

You have at least two options:

  1. convert your band (right click > convert), save your product, and simply open the img file from the image folder directly in ArcMap. This grants that no values are changed during the export process
  2. Export to GeoTiff with File > Export > GeoTiff

Whenever SNAP is changing the data type of your data (e.g. Float to Integer) the original values are altered. So staying with the BEAM DIMAP format is always a good idea because it is usably in every GIS as well.


sorry because when I open my data in ArcMap with the BEAM DIMAP format, the minimum values ​​of my DEM are changed to zero, instead the DEM SRTR if it opens well.

If you open the img file, the values are the same. It’s just the color legend

ArcMap does not know that 0 is your “NoData” value. It was applied in SNAP, but you have to define it for ArcMap as well.

As you see, the value range is not different, it’s just the legend of ArcMap which thinks 0 is part of the product:

Close the product in ArcMap, go to the ArcCatalogue and define 0 as NoData value:

Once you open it againt, the scale is adjusted

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Thank you very much for your help .