How to export RGB

I want to know how can I export RGB products using Toolbox so that I can use the product in other software.
Thank you very much.

What do you mean by RGB products? A product with three bands?
In this case you can do the following:
Raster --> Subset and then select the bands you need for your RGB.
Save the resulting product in the format you need.
If you just want an RGB image then right click on the product, select “Open RGB Image Window”, define the RGB as you need it. After the image has been opened right click on it and select “Export View as Image”


The three bands are VH ,VV,VV/VH,but VV/VH can not display in Subset.How can I add the VV/VH band ?

What type of product do you use?

Sentinel 1A IW GRD products.

Actually such a product only contains VH and VV. How have you created the VV/VH?
Maybe someone with Sentinel-1 experience can jump in here and help a little?

I have already got it.Using band math can add band. thank you

If you just want the final image of the RGB, you should just Export View as Image on the RGB view as Marco suggested.

hello, how to create the VV/VH?

Is it possible also to do that operation in command line?
If so, how? Thanks

Yes, this is possible. It depends a bit on how much control you need on the image creation process.
You can have a look at the pconvert tool
Just type

pconvert -h

It has several options to control the image creation.

Hey @marpet,

Could you please provide with a single example to convert Sentinel-2 image (already selected B4,B3,B2 and converted into uint8) to jpeg with the color stretching similar to the one SNAP does when you do right click open RGB view on the product?
I have been trying but apparently I am not reaching the same result.

Thanks in advance.