How to generate a SLC data from RAW data

hey guys, I’m doing polarization decomposition on the Sentinel-1 A data, some of which are RAW data (no SLC data under time and space condition), I want to know how to convert it to the SLC in the SNAP or to implement decomposition by some other methods.

thanks in advance for any comments.

That is not necessary as all products are available as both RAW and SLC. SNAP does not currently support focusing raw data into SLCs.

but there is only raw data in my study area, no corresponding SLC data.

If it is possible, could please tell me some other methods to convert RAW data to SLC.

Is that data from very early in the S-1 mission? All data has been processed to SLCs for many years already. If your study area only has RAW you could contact the Copernicus helpdesk at and enquire whether a reprocessing of the data is possible.

For some data, it happens that you do not have access to a product, where you should have access.

For example in my region, I have access to GRD data but not their corresponding SLC. After contacting the EOsupport, they made the SLC available.

So @ygh9298, if you see raw data, there must be SLC somewhere. Contact the support then expect a 1-3 week response time before getting your data available on the sci-hub.

Thank you for your help!
The data time of S-1 A is 5 Nov. 2015,I will contact with Copernicus helpdesk for details.

Thanks for your kindly help!
I already send a email to the support and waiting for their reply, hope this problem can be solved by it.

although chances are low, you can check these portals as well if your desired scene is available as SLC:

it is the same result in the ASF, but I didn’t know the situation of the first URL.

I have contacted the EOhelp for a few days, but they have not responded yet. I don’t know if my email address is wrong. Can you share a correct EOhelp email address? Thanks in advance! @qglaude


But the response time is varying. If I look my history of interactions with them, it’s between 4 to 7 days

I sent the email last Wednesday, it seems that I can only wait. :joy: