How to get a dual-pol classified RGB image without gemetric distortion

Dear all,
i want to do dual-pol decomposition using s-1 SLC data, so i run on SNAP6.0 as follows:
2.polarimetric speckle filter
3.polarimetric unsupervised classification
after those 3 steps above , i got a H_alpha_wishart_class band, this band can creat a RGB image.

And then i want to get the classified image be geometrically corrected, so i run the step"ellipsoid correction—Geolocation Grid",the result band can no longer be a RGB image.

What should i do to get a classified image with geolocation information or a gemetrically corrected image?

just change the color table from “Sliders” to “Table” and give new colors. You can also import the colors from the previous product with this button

thanks,when i did follow your instuction,i got the below image, but there were only three classes left.

before there are nine color tables, why?

select a different colour scheme in the “basic” tab and you will get more colours. Alternatively, import the colors from the classification with this button.