How to get the help from the tutorial maker

some days ago,i found the tutorial about the flood mapping(,and i follow the steps,but i encounter the two questions:
No.1 in the subset process phase, i copy the longitude/latitude data in the Spatial Subset from View tool and use the address of the shapfile file as the input of the ‘import-vector’, it prompt the mistake "current goe-coding can not covert from geographic to pixel coordinates
No.2 when i delete the ‘import-vector’ and the ‘Land-Sea-Mask’,just connect the ‘Calibration’ to the ‘Subset’,it prompt the mistake’the calibration should be SAR input’


I just re-tested the tutorial steps, and it seems that the vector imports fine for me, along with the calibration - would you be able to provide some screenshots and the SNAP version that you are using?