How to import HDF5 format from PROBA-V product in Sentinel 3 toolbox?

Here is the hint.

I have downloaded netcdfAll-4.6.jar and put it into C:\Program Files\s3tbx-1.0.1\lib and i thought that it’ll be working. But there is some problem still. Do you have any other idea how to open HDF5 fromat in sentinel 3 tboox?

Thank you very much for any help! :slight_smile:

Hi, as a first solution to your problem you should update to the current beta release. Probably this is already fixed.
It would also be helpful to know on which system you are working.

In general reading HDF5 files should work also in the old S3TBX. Can you tell what type of HDF5 product you want to open and what the actual error is?

At first,thank you for your rection!

I have w8 64bit. I’m trying to open file downloaded from,
And the errors are following: No appropriate reader found, or cannot decode the selected product file.

You said it already in the header that you are using PROBA-V, sorry I’ve overlooked it.
A Proba-V reader wasn’t released for the former S3TBX. Please use the current beta of SNAP.