How to interpret CreateStack processor output

Dear colleagues,
I need some clarification on how to read the output of the CreateStack processor.
I have 6 interferograms created with one and same master.
Since this is the first usage of this processor I’m confused how to interpret the results (see screenshot).
Could you please advise?

e.g. coh_IW2_VV_01Mar2015_25Mar2015_slv2_01Mar2015

Thank you

Did you corr. Five slaves infgms to one master infgm?

Or only one slave infgm to one master?

As presented in your result, you have six infgms, you considered the one as master, and the following five as different slaves with the same master.
Now the question is, What is the step do you intend to implement after this corr?
It is possible to create the average Infgm?
If yes, then it is highly recommended to create stacking ground deformation Or DEM, from this corr?
If No, the next step you intend to implement will interpret this step.

@falahfakhri - Thank you for your answer and sorry for the delayed reply. I’d like to average the IFIs (interferometirc images) , but I’m not sure how ground deformation could be made. Could you advise, please.
Any other comments/suggestions are welcomed!


Nice discussions is occurred between me and our colleague @ABraun concerning this issue , furthermore a good trail is done, for more details would you please to take a look at this post ,