How to know the number of Sentinel-2 images with respect to acquisition date?


I’m a research student interested in remote sensing problems, and I would like to know, How to know the number of Sentinel-2 images concerning the acquisition date?

I found that this research paper is reporting that interesting statistic value. Bigearthnet: A Large-Scale Benchmark Archive for Remote Sensing Image Understanding | IEEE Conference Publication | IEEE Xplore

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The EO Compass by Martin Sudmanns might be interesting to you:

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Thanks. Maybe this CSV files are what i’m looking for?

Specially, here I can find the Sentinel-2 total remote sensing tiles?

Each CSV contain the total of Remote Sensing tiles procesed by each day from 2017 to current?


I maybe misunderstood you. I thought you want to know how much products are available per tile. But you want to know how many images are acquired per day?

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Yes, Specially from 17 June of 2017 to 18 Junio 2018 if is possible. Thanks!!