How to make an RGB calibrate backscatter overlay given 3 calibrated GTC images?

After preparing 3 calibrated backscatter range-Doppler geocoded backscatter images, given that they are calibrated, it would be nice to show them as an RGB overlay.

Sadly, opening an RGB window with all 3 products does not work, as the S1TBX reports that it requires all products to have the same size. But given that they are all terrain geocoded, should that not suffice to allow their overlay, even if they have different sizes?

If I am missing something, could you please let me know how to generate an RGB overlay image given 3 GTC products. Or is this a task best done outside of the S1TBX?

The RGB view is a pixel-based operation similar to band maths. It’s not possible to match each pixel based on the geocoding. You could coregister the products first and then terrain correct or after terrain correction, you could put the products together based on the geocoding using create stack.