How to make the reprojected images created in snap appear georefernced in ENVI

My question is that eventhough the sentinel 3 images are reprojected and imported in envi they are not allowed to make a stack because it says they are not geo referenced. In the geo referencing section it appears in 3 options as build GLT from GLT and from IGM. but it doesn’t seem to work well. How to resolve this problem?

How have you reprojected the the S3 data and which data have you used?
OLCI or SLSTR and which processing level?
To which data format have you exported the S3 data? GeoTiff, NetCDF or BEAM-DIMAP?
This is information we need before we can help.

i used the sentinel 3 OLCI level 2 data. I used snap software to resample and reproject. the data was exported in to ENVI format in order to open directly in ENVI. what ENVI 5.3
shows in layer stacking is the data is not geo referenced. thank you for trying to resolve this problem.

Maybe the CRS you have defined during the reprojection is not correctly supported by SNAP when writing ENVI files. Which one have you specified?
Have you tried to switch to GeoTiff or NetCDF-4? Should work too.

yes thank you very much. it worked out when i tried Net CDF format.