how to open Landsat 5 data

Good Morning everyone,
I wonder how to open a Landst5 scene into SNAP . I have unzipped the obtained source and I expected to have one or more radiance file, that
I do not see . Most of the files I have are TIFF, and files ending name are *ang,json,MTL,PIXEL, RASAT,ATM Opacity,B1 - to B7,cloud-qa,c-dist ,and so on.
I maybe should merge all this info !!!. looking for some brief instruction about how to . thank you . Leonardo

In most cases you can imply select the MTL.txt file in SNAP.
For level-2 data from USGS Collection 1 you can use the the main xml file. Named like this one (this is L8, but should be named similar):

If you are still not able to open the data, please let us know what kind of data you are exactly using and from which data source.

Thank you for your kind reply - unfortunately it’s not working - got an error - not approprite product reader found,cannot be open - this happens on all MTL files . data have been downloaded by USGS as a result from a L5 search - the directory name appears as LT05_L2SP_152043_19880315_20200917_02_T1. keep in touch

Have you installed the S3TBX along with SNAP or only S2TBX?
If so, please go to the plugin manager in the tools menu and install the S3TBX.
The reader for Landsat is provided by the S3TBX.

ok thanks I’'l let you know .

Hi , I’ve checked and S3TBX was installed .

Now, I see. This data is from Collection 2, right?. This is not supported. Limit your search to Collection 1 in USGS.

ok thanks I’ll give it a try later on - many thanks . I’ll let you know .
keep in touch .