How to open RS2 AWiFS imagery on SNAP software?

I am working on Indian satellite, ResourseSat2 AWiFS imagery. The input imagery is in erdas imagine ‘.img’ format. I would like to use the tools available on ESA SNAP software. “File–> Open–> image_directory” is not able to open the imagery.
I am getting an error "java.lang.NullPointerException. Failed opening a dataset…"
I am able to successfully open the imagery on QGIS, but not on SNAP software. Is there any way to make SNAP software to read the RS2 AWiFS imagery?

does the file come with metadata?
Sometimes the img is accompanied by a hdr file, you can try to select this instead.
Otherwise, you can open it in QGIS, write a GeoTiff and load this in SNAP. But no metadata will be included then.

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Yes, there is metadata. When tried to open metadata on SNAP, it is not detecting the band data in the multispectral optical imagery provided. It is apparently recognizing the imagery as RISAT 1 imagery which is active microwave C band SAR product, although the given data is from AWiFS optical sensor data.

Thank you for the idea of exporting the dataset as tiff. It worked as you mentioned. It has enabled SNAP to read the image band data correctly, although metadata information is missing.

are there any sample data of RS2 AWiFS available which we could use to test?

Or do you consider your problem solved?

Problem is almost solved… !..,
Now after exporting the imagery as tiff using QGIS, SNAP is able to read the raster data.
Meta data is not detected by SNAP. It will be better if metadata is detected.
And the anomaly of misdetection of optical imagery as SAR data, is still there…
Data can’t be shared as of now.
Thanks a lot!