How to open ScanSAR full-aperture file of ALOS2 with SNAP


I’m university student in JAPAN! I study soil moisture with remote-sensing in" Graduation thesis".
However I’m in trouble now…

Please tell me how to open ALOS2 ScanSAR full-aperture file in SNAP.

When I imported VOL file, I got following error message.
→org.esa.s1tbx .io.ceos.Alos2ProductsReader
[imput=file pass]
ALOS2 ScanSAR products are not currently supported.

Do you know how to open file with SNAP.

Many thanks.

SNAP is not able to open ScanSAR products of ALOS-2, do you have the chance to try another software, e.g. ERDAS imagine?

I appreciate you, Mr.ABraun.

I was kind of aware of it. However, I wanted to make sure that SNAP is not able to open ScanSAR puroducts.
I wanted to use SNAP for my graduated thesis, so I was a little disappointed.

If I want to work with level1.1 ScanSAR data, I would have to consider that using another software, e.g. ERDAS imagine.
But right now, I have no idea which software to use.

Thanks again, Mr.ABraun.

Thank you for keeping me company with my poor English.

I currently have no chance to test it myself because I don’t have any ALOS-2 ScanSAR data and the sample data here doesn’t include Level 1.1 products.

I tried with the sample data provided here and get the same message:

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We should support ALOS-2 ScanSAR - in order to do that we need sample products. @lveci


Thank you for your kindness.

I am going to proceed Level 1.5 products for thesis so that I could succeed to open the sample data.