How to place interferograms into GNSS reference frame

Good morning,
For my earthquake study, I need to use jointly InSAR, levelling and GNSS. For this, I would like to correct the error in INSAR results by using GNSS data. In Hammond et al. 2010, I read that I should solve for a constant linear 2D ramp, so place the LOS rate map into the GNSS reference frame.
I am not sure of the procedure if someone could help.
Can I select a GNSS station value in the far field of InSAR and remove this value from the full interferogram ?


can you please provide the full reference to this publication?

What do you mean by “far-field”?

By ‘far field’ I mean where there is almost no deformation on the interferogram

I don’t know if that is the correct approach. The atmospheric errors are smallest close to the area of interest. I suggest wider reading of the literature:,5&hl=en

For atmospheric correction I will use GACOS (, what I want to do now is to get some consistency between the interferogram and the GNSS.
I will have a look at your link, thanks