How to post a new SNAP reader Plug-In back into GitHub

I am creating a SNAP Reader Plug-In for NovaSAR. Can someone point me to simple step-by-step instructions on how to post my changes back into the master archive (on GitHub?)


That’s a great initiative, did you consult the Developer-guide yet?

Hi cohen,

Great to hear that you have implemented a reader.
The best way to get it into the master is by sending a pull request via GitHub, if you have forked SNAP/S1TBX
Then we can review your plugin and decide if we want to integrate it. You can also send us the link to your github repository an we can have look at it, if it is just module on it’s own.
An alternative would be that the plugin remains in your repository and you would send us a build nbm file. This could then be hosted in our community repository and provided to the SNAP users.

We don’t have a well established procedure for including contributions, because it didn’t happen often yet.