How to prepare Sentinel-1 images stack for PSI/SBAS in SNAP 5


Hi all,

Is there anyone obtained results from using Matlab under Windows. Ubuntu give me so many errors when pathing. I am trying all procedures using new version of SNAP. I hope I will get my results before aging. :slight_smile:

I am trying TC (UTM ) for both subset_deb_stack and Dinsar_subset and then I will export StaMPS. I hope it helps textscan error. :confused:


hello everyone, I recently started to test PSI and i followed katherine’s flow chart till step 9. these are the files i got for the respective folders.

my question is from observing the above pic do you think i have performed them correctly?
next to run PSINSAR do i have to do steps 3,4,5 for the above stack or start directly with step 6 of STMAPS manual?

thanks you in advance for any help
sumanth varma


Hi. It looks good I think, you would just need to rename .lat/lon files in geo directory to 20170330 because that is your master, and I’m not sure whether it’s correct file format. If you followed steps presented in this topic correctly you can start from step 6 of StaMPS manual.



Hi Bayzidul, I have the following trouble, I am using Snap 6.0 preview 5, please help me with this!!!


Hi @gabrielaquintana77
Please read above messages and there are already answers to your question.


Ok @bayzidul I go to change to version of SNAP 6.0 preview 4 (@katherine ) :disappointed_relieved:


Hi all,
I could handle with the textscan error using Mt_prep step under Linux. Now I am working under Linux Ubuntu v14.04 and after mt_prep_snap step I run the stamps in MATLAB 2016b version. The steps finished with any error until step 8 (the last step). I am getting the error about “out of memory”. It is actually error because of MATLAB but I applied all changes for example I increades maximum array size to maximum number 10000 and java heap space value at maximum. Does anyone faced with this error?
In addition, I changed some of my .m files with STAMPS_patch files provided by following website:
It changes some of .m files for step 8.
Note: Ram of my computer is 8 Gb.

Also step 8 is not obligation I guess. So I should be obtain the results when I check the manual and forums. But ps_plot with ‘w’ parameter or other parameter like ‘v’ and etc. give me same error.
"Error: A BREAK may only be used within a FOR or WHILE loop, and then only within the same
file as its corresponding FOR or WHILE statement.
Error in ps_plot (line 210)
parseplotprm % check if ‘ts’, ‘a_m’, ‘a_l’, ‘a_e’ (‘a_eh’ for hydrostatic and ‘a_ew’ for
wet), ‘a_w’ (‘a_wh’ for hydrostatic and ‘a_ww’ for wet),"
Do you have any idea to fix it ???



Hi @Fikretjfm

Go to the Matlab directory, then open the specific file ps_scn_filt, then got to the line 136 and delete the command “breake”. You can also find “break” and delete all from the file.

Have fun


Hi @bayzidul ,

I looked into the ps_scn_filt.m file and there is no Break command in this file. I searched all the file and there is 0 Break command.
Please advise me another way.



Hi @Fikretjfm
Did you checked the file stamps


Hi @bayzidul,
I also commented Break line in stamps.m file. Now when I tried to stamps(8,8), program crashed the same point and giving error on terminal like “MATLAB Killed”.

Also my ps_plot error continues. I could not plot any of my results such as ps_plot(‘v’), ps_plot(‘v-d’), ps_plot(‘v-d’,‘ts’) etc. All of them gave same error of my previous post. :confused:



Hi @Fikretjfm

Which version of Matlab do you use. I think some older version has this problem of using Break. I think you also have to comment out from ps_lot file. I am using Matlab16b and I had the same problem. I got the solution commenting out the Break.



Hi @bayzidul,

Same, I am also using Matlab2016b version. Could you share your matlab folder, please?
I could not find ps_lot file :confused:



Hi @Fikretjfm
Here we go…
matlab.7z (92.0 KB)


@bayzidul so, we must do STaMPS on LINUX to process the PS ? Do you know how use STaMPS on Windows to process it ?


Hi @reyhanrere ,

If you ask me, I say “do not use StaMPS under Windows”. It gives to many errors. I am using under Linux and I did not get same error under Windows. The errors are related to format.



Hi @reyhanrere

I also agree with Fikretjfm. In Linux it is very smooth but you can also use in Windows using Cygwin. In windows, maybe you have to fix so many bugs. Please see previous conversations on this topic and you will get some more message.



I want to underline that. :slight_smile:


Hi all,

Thanks for your help and supportive answers throughout all PSI process time. I got finally my results. Firstly, I processed the 5 months period SLC data. I got the -17mm to 29mm/year deformation rates from initial results. I will process one year data after and before earthquake and I will compare the deformation rates from PSI and local GPS solutions. Probably, I will obtain the PSI results are bigger than GPS but the same areas at the same direction is more important for me.

Thanks again all of you.


I would like to see your result Fikretjfm and processing steps. Thank you.