How to process S1, for example 20-30 images?

Hi all!
Please tell me how to handle a data set of 20-30 images to unwrap the phase to determine the subsidence of the crust. In S1 only TOPS Coregistration, the two images can be used. Please tell me, Thanks

Concerning the theory of processing chains for mutli images please take a look at this

Concerning using SNAP, it is possible to corrigester more than 20 images (I think) and continue to process until reaching the displacement face.

Thank you, Falahfakhri.
But I’m trying out how to process a data set in SNAP (20 images per year). Can this be realized through Stack(SNAP)?
Or take one basic image and build on it based on TOPS Coregistration(SNAP) for all the rest?

I think the new version of SNAP ,helps to corrgister that number of images, So you could select one image of your data as master and the others as slaves images and continue the processing chain similarly of processing two images.