How to processing sentinel 2 imageries?

After dowloading imagery file(for example)
sentinel download user password a6caca2e-8bad-41e9-ab06-19a9e92c4de3
how can I process it in console?
I can ger RGB image from SNAP but I have to process a lot of imageries. What should I do to get a lot of GeoTIFF files?

You can use gpt to process the data or use pconvert to reformat the data or create RGB images.

type gpt -h

or > pconvert -h
for more help.

gpt or pconvert always give me lots of errors. Convert with GDAL:
gdal_translate SENTINEL2_L1C:MTD_MSIL1C.xml:10m:EPSG_32642 D:\55\10m.tif -co TILED=YES --config GDAL_CACHEMAX 1000 --config GDAL_NUM_THREADS 2

Hello dear, I just don’t know from where to download the zip files containing the images and other informations

Just have a look here:

Hello Marpet , how do i geocode landsat 2 imageries in SNAP ? The image comes as a png .
Thanks in advance ,

Landsat 8 . Sorry its a typing error

Are you sure that it is not just the quicklook image?
Where did you get the data from?

Lamdsat is actually geocoded already.

ooh okay , i will download another image then . Thanks once more

Hello everyone. I am having a BIG problem processing mt s2 data which i downloaded from scihub.

I’ve got about 20 tiles to maosaic a large area?
any ideas on graph building? or what to do?