How to reach Sentinel L2 from L1C using sen2cor?

Hi everyone
I am trying to use sen2core to correct Sentinel2 L1C to reach to the same sentinel 2 L2 image which can be downloaded from scihub, but I can’t do that.
Specifically, I think there may be a problem in configuration parameters like ozone content.
Do you know what configuration parameters ESA use?

May you bdpg please help?

I think that for the ozone content the standard option is used, but the problem is that ESA is using a proprietary DEM (PlanetDEM 90), so if you are using other DEM, you always will have some differences.

Thank you for your reply.
Actually I am using default DEM_Reference which is provided in L2A_GIPP.xml, but the result is still different.

The default DEM_Reference is using the SRTM dem, which is different from the used by ESA.

Oh, thank you a lot. Is is right to change the L2A_GIPP.xml to these?



No, as far as I know this DEM is not free. There isn’t a public URL for downloading it.

That was really helpful. Thanks a lot. :grinning: