How to resolve issues of Atmospheric Correction of Sentinel 2 data (acquired in 2015) using SNAP 6.0 (sen2cor plugin)?

Dear SNAP Users,
I need some help regarding the Atmospheric Correction of Sentinel 2 data!
I am using ESA SNAP 6.0 (with sen2cor plug-in) for the Atmospheric Correction.
The image, I want to process is from 2015 and it’s showing the Error “L1C user product directory must match the following mask: S2?_MSIL1C*.SAFE but is: S2A_OP~1.SAF”; which is not happening for the recent images (e.g. images acquired in 2018)!
I know this issue is because of the long file name!
And I tried to change the file name as suggested in the Error message, but then also it’s showing Error “Product metadata file cannot be read”!

Any suggestions on how to resolve these issues to do the atmospheric correction of Sentinel 2 images acquired in 2015!

Thanks in Advance.