How to used the difference in backscattering coefficient of the multi-temporal images to mapping the wet snow?

Hi,everyone ,here ,a new matters with me ,that about the algorithm for Nagler and Rott’s methodology to mapping the wetness,which need the snap tool to get it,as shown below.I try many times ,failed,so could please help me?
Thanks in advance.

Did anyone find an answer to this question? I am currently trying to compute wet snow/ snow-water equivalent based on Sentinel-1 myself. Since I couldn’t find pre-existing code on git or stackoverflow, I thought that there might be an option with SNAP.

May be you can do some field experiments about the physical properties of wet snow/ snow-water for your study area then to find the relation with Sentinel-1 .

Thanks Jane. Yes, that’s probably where I’m heading because of lack of alternatives. I was hoping to find some code snippets to ease the process though.

Hi,jane.I also try to mapping the wet snow but failed.Did you succeed?Could you tell me your processing steps?Thanks!