I am stuck at Coregistration

Hi All,

First of, these are my first hours in this forum, and in SAR learning as well.

I am learning how to do Change Detection using Sentinel-1, try to get same accuracy as with Sentinel-2.

Now I am stuck at Coregistration (or stacking) of two time GRD images, using SNAP 5.0.3

Coregistration > Stack Tools > Create Stack ==> output is misaligned;
Coregistration > DEM Assisted Coregistration > DEM Assisted Coregistration ==> output is blank.

Could you all give me some teaches, what is better way to do.

BTW, my field is about forest change detection, it shall be highly appreciated if someone give me a tut.

Thank you very much.

DEM Assisted Coregistration is actually a good way to do it. The reason why didn’t work could be that there are not enough topographic features in your study area which produce clear patterns (an explanation is given here here) or that no DEM is available for your area (maybe outside the SRTM coverage?).

As an alternative for GRD products, Coregistration > Coregistration should work as well.
Create Stack is only for products which already have the same geometry/projection.

Please upgrade to SNAP6.0 as older versions are not supported nor can they deal with new product formats.