I can't install esa-snap_all_windows-x64_5_0

Dear forum,
I have a question on installing the SNAP on windows 10. I have downloaded the widows 64bit all toolboxes package and when i run this pacgage it appears a window : instll4j Wizard but in the middle of the progress it stops to run.
I have do it , this procesion a lot of times and in different downloads but i can;t solve it.
I hope to get an answer to solve this problem, because i really need this programe.
thanks a lot :slight_smile:

At which point in the process does the installation break? Are already files created in the installation directory? Are there some special user restriction on your system?
You can have look at the log file.

Maybe you can find it in the installation directory at .install4j/installation.log or more probable is that it is in your temp directory.
Open the file explorer and type %temp% in the address bar. Look out for the most recent file starting with i4j_nlog.
Maybe you need to start the installer from the command line with the option -Dinstall4j.keepLog=true.
So your call would look like this:

esa-snap_all_windows-x64_5_0.exe -Dinstall4j.keepLog=true

You can attach this file to your next post.