I can't open a .nc file from SNAP 3.0.3

Hi SNAP team,

After the update of the SNAP toolbox to version 3.0.3, I cannot open anymore a simple .nc file with SNAP.
Shall I do something in particular?

I hadn’t any problem before version 3.0.3.


Hi Véronique,
that’s the first time that I hear this. Do you get any error message or is just nothing happening?

You can look into <USER_HOME>\AppData\Roaming\SNAP\var\log\messages.log
Note, on Windows AppData is normally a hidden directory. You need to make it visible in the options or you navigate directly to the directory. On Unix the file is at <USER_HOME>.snap\var\log\messages.log

In this file you might find some error messages.

Thanks, I look the messaves.log file and keep you informed.
To clarify, nothing happens when I try to open the .nc file. No error messsage.


Dear Marco,

We have analysed the logs file with IT but no severe problem had not been detected.
We have updated our java version but this has not resolved our problem.
So we have re-installed snap and now all is nominal.
Certainly an issue on our side …