Image doesnt open

Hello everybody.
I am able to open the sentinel-2 image I downloaded (Open RGB Window) but projected and resampling images do not open.
Note: The 2.screenshot was taken after the projection process.
Note: I kept the paths of the files short, there is no long file path

Thank you:)



Hello @edaasc

I presume all the Bands are actually present in the product?
I find that there is sometimes a lag between the window being open and the image appearing (old, aged, machines like mine can be quite reluctant :slight_smile: ). I have found that if you go to the Navigation view and click inside the footprint of the image, then this brings up the image in the main screen.



Jan Jackson
S2 MPC Operations Manager

unfortunately, the reprojected image is not even visible in the navigation section.

@edaasc Hello, I face the same problem in the image visualization on SNAP. How did you solve the problem?

@Lorenzo I applied the reproject and the resample process again to the main data. So that, the image opened. Maybe, your main images have empty data. Check in that.
I hope, it works :slight_smile: