Image processing process in Snap S1tbx

Hello everybody!
i have to process sentinel images S1A format (S1A_IW_SLC_1SDV) for marine flood detection between equinox and solstice in my study area, but my problem is that i am new in snap software and i do not know that with where I start. So I’m wondering about your help in relation to my goal that I’ve determined before. But I have already tried the following steps: Filtering, Assembly and Calibration. So, did I follow the line or what? if not what are the real stages ??

First, get some basic idea of the Sentinel-1 data and products.

There are quite many great tutorials for flood mapping based on SAR data. These ones are based on SNAP:

Echoes in Space / EO College

  • (Chapter on floods, includes video)

Alaska Satellite Facility


One hour webinar on flood mapping

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