Import specific bands from sentinel 2 images

I want to import a single band as BIGTIFF/GEOTIFF from Sentinel 2A data. But when I use import option, whole file gets converted to that format. How can I view individual bands. Please help.

Subset or delete operators.


as Suprd has recommended, you could use those operators or also you can open directly only the desired band in SNAP by opening the corresponding jp2 file that you can find in the .SAFE folder. It should be in:
[SAFE folder]\GRANULE\[specificGranuleFolder]\IMG_DATA\[R10m|R20m|R60m]
If you open directly this jp2 file you will see a product with only one band, but you have to convert it to reflectance (you could use Band Maths) by dividing by 10000. Please note that when you open the full product, SNAP has access to the metadata and it applies automatically this scale factor.