Import tif

Hi, I can’t import a tif of 4 bands from an aerial flight I need to work. Try tif and Big tiff, highligted the four bands (3 visible+ NIR) and nothing. Get a Java exception:


based on the exception text it looks like the data and the data type are not in line for one of the Tiff fields.
Can you open it in other applications?
Can you provide the file to me so I can have closer look?

In SNAP you could also try the GDAL-GeoTiff reader. In the open dialog select:

Btw., it would be better if you provide the exception as text and not as image.
You can copy the text from the window in the screenshot.


Thank you for your suggestion, but it didn’t work - this time all I get is: “java.lang.ClassCastException”
I can open it in ArcGis.

The messages.log file should have more complete error messages that better identify the location of the error. You may be able to work around the problem by translating to a different format, either saving from QGIS or using commnd-line gdal tools.

GNWIII, where can I find that file you mention, messages.log? I search in snap dir and couldn’t find it.

In the ESA SNAP GUI, the Help menu has an entry to display the log directory. Normally you will see the last 3 log files. The logs are very detailed, so you may want to attach the one corresponding to the time the error occurred to a forum post if you have trouble finding the relevant section.