ImportError: No module named gdal

I tried to preprocess sentinel 2 image by sen2Cor. But following error message appeared.

How can I solve this?


have you tried the stand-alone version of SNAP? It is very much easier to install (you only have to unzip it). And you can also install it directly from the sen2cor plugin in SNAP (but before you have to update to SNAP version 6).

No i did not. I m still using SNAP 5. So then I should try that. Thank you for the reply.

hi I was success with new version. First I uninstall SNAP and sen2cor. as well as previously created folders (for sen2cor and crashed folders of previous L2A processing) were deleted. then reinstall new version of SNAP and Sen2cor. Several ppl mentioned to edit So I edited as their suggestions. Then it was processing without any error. Thank you for your help.