Importing 2-byte complex integer SLC image

Dear collegues,

I am wondering if it is possible to import a generic SLC - preprocessed by GMTSAR.

After preprocessing the raw data, we have these files:

  • PRM file, that contains the parameters for processing (ascii)
  • LED file, that has the orbit information, and a
  • SLC, which is a large array with no header.

The SLC is written as 2-byte complex integers and the size is recorded in the PRM file.

You may find an example here:

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Hello @gusortiz.

I see that you have used GMTSAR for performing InSAR analysis.
I am interested in PSI analysis using open source software pacakges (since i do not have matlab licence, i cannot use StaMPS software.) . So I came across with GMTSAR and GMT5SAR.

Which one of these two does PSI analysis? I do not have a clear overview what these packages can do
Do you know the difference between these two?