Inappropriate terminology in the InSAR community

Dear colleagues,

The executive committees of WInSAR and COMET, and the scientific and organising committee of MDIS, have prepared a joint statement on the use of inappropriate terminology (‘master’ and ‘slave’) in the InSAR community.

Link to the statement:

Please have a look and consider adding your name to the sheet within the link if you would like to formally support this initiative.

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s1tbx developers - Is there any chance of using the newly accepted terminology in future versions of SNAP?

I know that a lot of things in the source code will be named master or slave but if at least the log messages and most parts of the UI used primary/secondary then that would be a big step forward.

Yes, we are supporting the initiative and will change the terminology in SNAP/S1TBX, help and tutorials for SNAP9.

The terminology shall be “reference” & “secondary” as in NASA ISCE2.@lveci


Great, thank you!

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