Incidence angle and color composites

I have 2 questions:

  1. how we can get the incident angles range (minimum and maximum) for an area selected (I have shapefile for this area)?
  2. I need to do a coregistration for three scenes and make a multi-temporal color composite for the VV of these scenes (different times) to test if the coregistration works well for my work? is there any way to do that?

Many thanks

I can answer your first question.
If you have loaded the shapefile you can go to the statistics dialog (Menu: Analysis / Statistics image).
A band needs to be selected in the Product Explorer.
In this dialog you can select a ROI mask. Your shapefile should show up in this list. You can even compute statistics for multiple regions at once.

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Many thanks,
I have checked that, it works fine.

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What type of SAR data are you using to create a color composite image? Is it Ground Range Detected?If your data is GRD, then can do the following:

  1. Pre-process and terrain correct each scene
  2. create a stack (radar->coregistration->stack tools-> create stack).
  3. Load teh stacked image in SNAP. Right click->open RGB image window. Set a color (R,G,B) to each scene

Thank you for your answer. However, unfortunately I am not using GRD. I am using sentinel 1A, SLC IW.
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As @johngan mentioned you could apply similar approach, but adding up more processes steps, such as TOPSAR SPLIT ------> Apply orbit-----> DEBURST------>TC, and then continue with other aforementioned steps, note that if are interested in multilook this means that better to use GRD,

Many thanks for these information. These steps really worked as well.