Inconsisting Naming while Processing Sentinel 1


currently run several times into the same problem.
When I want to process Sentinel 1 Scenes taken at the beginning of October 2019 for an Area of Interesting around Berlin, Germany.


is named after batch processing as:

Which are totally different dates. But then when I look at Orbit Vector 1 of the second file it states 01-OCT-2019 (and so on).

I had this error several times (always when processing data from this area (but different scenes). My test dates range from 01-Oct-2019 to 03-Oct-2019. I never run into the same problem for other months.

Was this scene taken in June or in October 2019?

My Snap is newly updated to 8.0. The Sentinel.1 Toolbox is updated to version 8.0.1.

maybe the xml of the graph file determines a filename for the first product which does not correspond to the actual name of the input?


but how do I find out, whether this is the cause and how can that happen in the first place?

With kind regards

is there something entered in the Target product tag of the graph file?