Ingestion datetimes from Sentinel-1 SAR products metadata


In Sentinel-1 products metadata, the first_line_time and the last_line_time represent the start and end of the acquistion datetimes (this is the same datetime that appears on the product name).

But, I cannot find the ingestion time in the metadata. Does it appear in the metadata (maybe it has a different name)?


The S-1 product format is described in this document:

I hope this helps.

Thanks a lot for the document, it will be really helpful for me later.
I could not find the ingestion time inside the document (maybe they did not add it to the metadata specification yet; the document seems to be updated regularly).

But, inside the I found the date of processing times of level0 and level1 (GRD and SLC), which occur just before the dissemination of the product in the Sentinel Hub (Ingestion time).