Hi everyone,
I am working on Sentinel-1 SAR data for landslide monitoring. Since the SLC dataset is of high volume, it consumes a lot of time for processing. Now I am doing clipping (my study area) only after terrain correction, which is the last step after unwrapping. So, I would like to know is there any way to select only the study area in the initial steps and continue processing. Eagerly waiting for someone to answer my querry!!
Thanks for your time.

you can create a spatial subset after debursting. Please check the topics here:

Thank you ABraun. It is really helpful. But my question is while doing TOPSAR split operation, we can select the burst according to our study area. I think this is an approximation. It cannot correctly see my study area burst because it is not showing any place name. Another one is, during the last step (i.e) terrain correction, the geometric projection of the image changes. Then this may lead to shift in the image bust area (study area) to another place. Please clarify this.

Yes, the bursts are only an approximation, not really for precise subsets, you can clip the image after debursting.

Can you show screenshots of the shift or describe it a bit more?

I mean, suppose we are selecting the bursts approximately by considering our study area. My question is that when we are doing terrain correction, the tile will be titled in some direction. So, what I mean is, Is there any chance that the titled tile will fall away from my study ?

no. If the study area lies within the burst it will remain there. The extent of the area is not changed at all, only its orientation.

Thank you for your quick reply ABraun. I got clarified. Thanks for your time.