InSAR with COSMOSkyMed

Good morning,
This is my first consultation. I hope not to make any query already made and be clear in my query.

I’m processing COSMO images with SNAP to generate DEM but I get errors in the results.

My images are HImage with a time base of 3 days, a perpendicular base of 492 meters and a coherence of 0.50

A coherence of this value may not be sufficient to generate DEMs, but it is also possible to use erroneous values in the processing parameters.
It would be possible to indicate to me what values I should use in the processing parameters for HIMAGE COSMO images.

From already thank you very much.

Best regards, Guillermo O’Connor

can you please show a picture of the coherence layer?

To get good interferograms, the coregistration should be good (watch out for the RMSE) and the land surface shouldn’t have too much vegetation. Sometimes multi-looking and filtering also increases the quality of the phase.