Installation of Sen2cor

Hello all,

I have installed Anaconda 2.7 on Windows. I attempted to verify the installation on Python 2.7 command line but it returns an error. But I am sure it is installed. attempted installing the sen2cor but don’t seem to understand this bit (Open the folder sen2cor-2.3.1, type “python install” and follow the instructions. The setup will install the SEN2COR application and all its dependencies under the Anaconda python distribution.)
Please will appreciate any guide.


What is the error you receive?


After I downloaded and unzipped the sen2cor installation folder, I don’t understand what this instruction line means. “Open the folder sen2cor-2.3.1, type “python install” and follow the instructions”. When I open the folder and type “python install” in the search area, it says no item match your search. I am entirely new to this.
Many thanks.


Ah… now I understand! You don’t need to open the folder in (windows explorer), but in the command window:

  1. On the lower right of your desktop screen. Click on the magnifier or the windows sign and search for ‘cmd’. Open the programme (is a black symbol)
  2. There type the following text, while replacing <…> with the actual path to your sen2cor directory: cd <path_to_sen2cor>
  3. Click Enter
  4. Type now the following text: python install
  5. Click Enter
  6. Follow the instruction (sometimes need to enter ‘Y’ and click Enter)
  7. When it is finished, you type the following text to test if it works properly: L2A_Process --help
  8. If the instruction appears, then everything worked fine, if there is an error, then something went wrong.


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It all makes sense now. Will have a go at it. Thank you very much for your super support.